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There are many methods in use today for cleansing crystals in order to increase the effects of their metaphysical energies.

Crystals are believed to have an extensive memory, remembering where they've been, who they've touched, and all forces and energies that have surrounded them. A crystal can pass onto others any energy that it has stored within it. Periodically, crystals need to be cleansed of any unwanted energies that they may have collected from you, from others, or from the environment.

For instance, healers take care to clean their healing crystals after each use because the crystals energy (both positive and negative) into themselves and pass it onto others if they have not been cleansed of those energies between uses. If a crystal has absorbed negative energies, it may not work well for whatever purpose it has been programmed.Cleansing Crystals

When should a crystal be cleansed?

  • As soon as it's purchase
  • Before it's programmed
  • After each use
  • When you feel it has become drained or dull

How often should a crystal be cleansed?

  • Regularly used crystals, such as those worn or carried, should be cleansed daily.
  • Healing crystals, massage wands and pendulums should be cleansed purified after each use.
  • Altar crystals and environmental healing crystals should be cleansed monthly. 

How long does it take to cleanse a crystal?

The time needed varies depending upon how drained the crystal is and which method is used. The durations mentioned below are minimums based on moderately drained crystals. Heavily drained crystals will take more time and mildly drained crystals will take less. Newly acquired crystals and crystals to be programmed will take the greatest length of time. Exactly how long a cleansing takes is up to you. Listen to your intuition and it will tell you.

How is a crystal cleansed?

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal. Which method you choose should be based upon the type of crystal, how much time you have, and what tools are readily available to you. Once again, let your intuition be your guide.

Natural forces, such as the elements of nature (fire, water, earth, and air), the sun, the moon, and plants, are very effective in cleansing crystals of negative energies. Crystals respond to the intentions of their users, so it is important that while you are actively cleansing your crystals, no matter which method you use, you hold in your mind the intention of carrying away unwanted energies to a place where they can do no harm, and your desire to re-energise the crystal with positive energies.

Methods for cleansing crystals:

1.  Fire - carefully pass the crystal through the flame of a candle several times until you intuitively feel it has been cleared. The fire will burn away any negative energy.

2.  Water - rinse the crystal in moving water. This can be done in one of three ways:

    • by holding the crystal in a river or stream (placing it into a mesh bag will make it easier to hold onto) for several minutes,
    • by leaving it out in the rain for several hours,
    • by holding it under the faucet for several minutes.

The water will wash away negative energy and return it to the Earth where it can be neutralised.

DO NOT USE WATER on soft crystals such as angelite, some calcites, howlite, aragonite, azurite, dolomite, malachite, selenite, sulphur, etc. as it may dissolve the crystal to a greater or lesser degree.

3.  Earth - bury the crystals in the ground for one full day, placing a marker over it so as to be able to find it later, or bury the crystal in a pot of ground soil. (Do not use potting soil as it has been treated.) The soil will absorb negative energy, disperse it, and transmute it into positive energy. Crystals feel very comfortable in the earth as it is where they formed and grew.

4.  Air - smudge the crystal on all sides with a sage smudge stick, or with dried sage or cedar, or pass it through the smoke of sandalwood or sage incense. Sage is a very effective cleanser, neutralising negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy.

5. Sea salt - the most common method of cleansing crystals is with water and sea salt. You can do this by placing the crystal in a mesh bag and rinsing it in the ocean for several minutes, or by soaking the crystal for several hours in a glass of water with a pinch of sea salt. 


*Salt may damage the finish on some crystals.
*Water may damage soft or friable crystals.
*Placing a crystal in dry sea salt (without the water) may damage its electromagnetic field.

6.  Light - place a crystal in bright sunlight, either outside or on a windowsill, for at least an hour. NOTE: solar energy may be too violent for some crystals, having been formed within the Earth devoid of any light. CAUTION: over time, sunlight may fade the color of some crystals. An alternate, and gentler, method is to place the crystal in moonlight for at least one night under a full moon, longer if the moon is not full.

7.  Sound - produce a tone using a bell, chime, or tuning fork. Repeat the sound until the crystal's energies feel cleansed. A pure tone will reset a crystal's vibration to one that cannot hold negative energy.

8.  Breath - hold the crystal to your heart while inhaling. Then bring the crystal to your mouth and exhale your breath onto it. Repeat several times, always keeping in mind your intention of cleansing the crystal of all negative energies. Your breath (the Breath of Life), combined with your intention, is a powerful enough force to cleanse a crystal of negative energy. Your intuition will tell you when the cleansing is complete.

9.  Visualisation - visualise a column of pure white or golden light coming down and surrounding the crystal. Imagine it cleansing and transmuting the crystal's negative energies into positive ones. Visualisation combined with intention is another force powerful enough to cleanse crystals. Again, listen to your intuition.

10. Plants - place the crystal in a flower pot with one of your plants for several hours. Just as live plants purify the air; they can also purify crystals as well, transmuting negative energy into positive energy. If you do not have a plant available, an alternate method is to bury the crystal in a glass of dried sage or cedar for a full day. The herbs will absorb the negative energies. After use, burn the herbs, or bury them in the Earth, or discard them in a river or creek. Do not reuse them.

11.Cleansing Crystals Quartz Cluster - place the crystal on large clear quartz cluster or bag of crystal chips for at least one full day. Clear quartz is excellent for magnifying, focusing, and, in this case, transmuting energy.

12. Pyramid - leave the crystal under a glass pyramid for several days. The energy produced by a pyramid has the ability to neutralize any negative energy that is placed within it.

Cleansing can be done using just one of these methods or a combination of them, such as the four elements, or light and quartz, or plants and breath, or smudging and visualisation and sound, just to name a few of many possibilities. Combinations typically include using anywhere from two to five different methods.

All cleansing methods are compatible with each other; so use whatever combination feels right for you and your crystal. Using a combination of methods is especially good for cleansing new crystals and cleansing and recharging heavily drained crystals. Combinations cleanse the crystals more effectively and sometimes more quickly. 

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