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Each crystal is distinctive and beautiful, no one stone is alike. So how do you decide which crystal is for you when there are so many to choose from?

It’s easy, use your intuition. Crystals have different healing vibrations, and your subconscious will be attracted to the vibration that best suits your needs at that time. For example, if you are suffering from insomnia you may be attracted to Amethyst. Perhaps you just love the way that Clear Quartz looks, but for some reason the Amethyst keeps grabbing your attention. That is your intuition guiding you, the best way to choose a crystal is to select the crystal which is calling to you.Choosing Crystals

If you are faced with a selection of stones, there may be one that jumps out physically or vibrationally, one that resonates with you. You may try to ignore it, but keep turning back to look at it. Or it is the one that drops out unexplainably onto the floor in front of you.  Be aware, listen, feel and trust.


Shopping for crystals online is similar.  The picture of the crystal could keep your eyes glued to it.  The crystal may repeatedly show up in your search and remains in your mind long after you have left the page where you saw it, you may even dream about the crystal. This is the universal energy calling out to you, guiding you to what you need, don’t ignore this guidance.   Allow it to be the positive force in your life, let it assist you to select the crystals that are right for you.


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