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Attuning to your CrystalThere are a few essential steps that precede actually attuning to your crystal, please read the articles on ‘cleansing’ and ‘programming’ first then come back to this one.  These two steps should be undertaken prior to attuning to your crystal.

Sit quietly holding your crystal in your hands. Breathe gently and easily and focus your attention on the crystal. Ask that your crystal will work with you in love and truth for your highest good. Half close your eyes and simply gaze at your crystal. Ask your crystal to communicate with you in the most appropriate way for you.  Continue to breathe gently and be receptive to the answer.

After a few minutes’ notice how you are feeling. Do you feel calm and relaxed or twitchy and jittery? Is an emotion rising up? Does a particular part of your body tingle or ache? Is one of your chakras lighting up? You may want to move your crystal around your body to check out sensations and intuitions. If it feels good to keep it in a particular place, then do so. Don’t force anything, simply allow. Let the crystal be your guide.

Ask yourself if your crystal is actually talking to you – many do this by dropping thoughts in to your mind so keep your mind open and clear and trust the process. Or has your crystal found another way to communicate: sensation, intuition and so on. Crystals are very creative beings.

Ten to fifteen minutes is quite long enough for a session so after this time thank the crystal for its work, put it to one side and consciously disconnect your attention from it unless your intuition tells you to keep it in your pocket, on your person or somewhere close by.

Information adapted from an article by Judy Hall. 

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