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Welcome to Gifts from Gaia - Crystal Shop and Energetic Healing Services

Our Crystal Shop unites hand selected Crystals with their keepers.  Our Energetic and Intuitive Healing Services include: Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Past Life Regression Therapy, Holistic Counselling, Crystal Grids, Crystal and Angelic Essences, Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, Crystal Energetic Lymph Massage and Other Complementary Therapies available both in person in near Hobart, Tasmania and via distance healing.  We also offer a range of Workshops and Classes from our healing rooms near Hobart including: Reiki Workshops, Crystal Healing Workshops, Meditation Classes, Spiritual Development Workshops and Reiki Share Days.

Gifts from Gaia – Crystal Shop unites Crystals with their keepers. Our range of crystals are lovingly hand selected for quality and unique healing properties. We sell: Hand Selected Crystals, Crystal Jewellery, Books, Oracle Cards and other Metaphysical Products.  We are located just 15 minutes from Hobart, contact us to book a time to visit us.

Crystal Healing
Chakra Balancing
Intuitive Healing
Past Life Regression Therapy
Personal Crystal Healing Grids
Crystal and Angelic Essences
Oracle Card Readings
Holistic Counselling
Other Complementary Therapies

Reiki Level 1
14th & 15th April 2018

Crystal Therapy Level 1
May 2018

Meditation Classes
Ongoing, via Meet Up

Spiritual Development Classes
Ongoing, via Meet Up

Phone or Email Gifts from Gaia  

If you live in the Hobart area of Tasmania join our Meet Up Group, we run workshops, meditation groups and Reiki share days.  

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